Thursday, May 21, 2015

RV Rigs DEF/Downtown Vegas

Newer RV’s need to add DEF to a special separate tank near their engine.  Our DEF tank is on the wrong side to fill up while getting fuel.  We have to turn around and go into the truck island the opposite direction.  This can be a hassle.  I usually fill portable containers then fill the RV tank rather than driving into the truck pump backwards.  Today I decided to go fill my two portable empty DEF containers.  On the way Carol & I stopped at Jack In the Box and had a cheap breakfast.  At the Pilot truck stop I found an empty truck pump and pulled in with our Jeep.  The DEF was $2.79 a gallon.  When it’s bought at Walmart it’s about $5 a gallon w/tax in 2.5 gallon containers.  So I saved over $5 per 2.5 container.  I think it’s worth the little extra effort.

After that we decided to drive downtown Vegas.  We haven’t been here since about  4 RV’s ago which was the Ultimate.   Finding a parking spot is very hard for a newbie and we really didn’t try that hard.  The drive down the main drive was something else for sure.  It’s suppose to be even better at night with all the lights.  I thin it would be cool on the Harley trike.

We then figured we would go to the Thousand Trails RV Park and see how it was doing.  After some hunting around we found it and they let us in with no problem.  We didn’t have our membership card with us.  It basically looked the same which was tight sights but the park itself was only about 1/2 filled.  Normally the temps are in the 90’s nearing 100 degrees.   Today it was in the 70’s almost 15 degrees below normal.  That’s great for us and those that are here.

While there at the park we found Dave and Marilyn Anderson.  Friends from long long time ago.  We did see them at the Escapade in March but didn’t get to spend any time with them.  They’re doing great.  We hope to spend some time with them before they leave next Tuesday like us.

It was then back to the rig.  Our daughter called and she had lost her base pass.  Carol met her at the visitor center and got her another pass.  Then they went shopping on base and I retired for a nap.  They returned with dinner which was Popeye’s chicken.  We watched some TV together and played with the cat.  She called our cat fat so the cat stopped playing.  She went on home later.  

Night was here and we went on to bed.

See ya……