Saturday, May 16, 2015

RVing, Toys, & Activities

Well, I did it.  Instead of buying another RV, motorcycle or a car I got a GoPro Hero 4 Silver.  It’s expensive but not compared to my other toys.  I’m always in search of another hobby.   RVing is our all time favorite by far.  But, I also like in no special order photography,  ATVing, kayaking, motorcycling and doing a blog.  I’ve been wanting a Go Pro for quite some time.  I ordered it Friday and got it Saturday.  Damn that’s quick.  DSC_0003 Hope they’re not that quick with the bill.  I ordered the GoPro along with two extra batteries and charger, and a small accessory kit.  Wish I had ordered a micro SD card for it.  Oh well, sounds like Tuesday in Vegas when we get there I will pick one up.

I will become one of those people who record a lot of different things like motorcycling adventures.  Also I want to mount it on the dash of the RV.  I want to get some of these idiot drivers on record.  Maybe have an idiot driver award each week on the blog.  Could do one for each day on the road  for sure!

We also ordered a inductive cooktop a few days ago.  It works great.  It’s a new learning curve because it heats up so quick and the heat is even across the pan.  Real easy to burn stuff.DSC_0001

We also picked up extra special keys for the RV and slideout locks from La Mesa RV the other day.  The keys worked.  Here are pictures of the slideout locks that we have not tried yet. DSC_0005 DSC_0004

Carol pointed out something to me that she noticed about our medical stuff.  Seems like lately I’ve ended up in the ER or urgent care about the middle of the each month.  This started in January and lasted so far thru April.  It’s May and I’m not in a medical emergency need for anything.  Our daughter’s college graduation is this weekend so I think I will try and stay out of harm’s way some how.  Maybe no ATVing in the desert and cut back on the projected motorcycling.  Once this weekend is past I will continue to do what ever I do hopefully without using any of the great medical facilities.

This month seems like it’s Denny Orr and Don Del Rosario are having very major medical needs.  Hey guys, your suppose to get a little medical help ever so often instead going for the gusto all at once.  More people are praying for you than you can even imagine.  You think the doc's would let me use my GoPro during your procedures?

See ya……….