Sunday, May 17, 2015

GoPro 4 Silver Cost/On The Bike Again

OK, OK, people wanted to know if I got the GoPro Hero 4 Silver at a special price.  Well, it seems to be a monopoly (price fixing) on the price of $399.  I got it thru Amazon at $399 and then a $50 immediate off gift card.  It came with one battery and that’s it beside it’s waterproof box which I think they all do.  I looked at each GoPro 4 Silver listed on Amazon.  They were all $399 but each had a different deal that isn’t listed on the big listed page of them.  I found the $50 off plus the 30 day free trail of Prime.  Two day delivery was thus free but I paid $7 bucks for overnight delivery because we are leaving Tuesday.  I didn’t want the chance of it being delivered after we left.  That really causes problems as some of us already know.  I knew to get extra batteries and a charger  from reading reviews.  I also plan to mount it on my helmet.  Oh, I got the GoPro 4 over the 3 because it has a LED screen and better lens.  The GoPro 4 Black is more for the photo professionals and I don’t think it can be uploaded to blogs, internet as easy if at all.  GoPro 5 is suppose to be out at the end of the year.  No thanks.  Not into 1st year products and there bugs anymore.   I keep doing it though!

I got a small accessory kit (straps, turnbuckles, 4 ft extension arm, etc) but still need a remote control for it.  The GoPro will hook up to the new phones but still would be a hassle over a small remote while on the motorcycle.

Today, I got the Harley trike motorcycle out of the trailer.  My shifting foot is back to normal.  I wanted to try out the full face helmet for wind noise reduction.  I got the HJC helmet in a flat black color.  I just like it.  It’s been over a month since I got to ride on the road. 

I decided to go to Best Buy in Phoenix via the trike to pick up the micro SD card and a remote.  No problem.  Then I continued my ride North then hung a left above Phoenix and came back home.  It was a 135 mile trip and enjoyed the hell out of it.  It was T-shirt weather.  The JVC full face helmet is quieter BUT the windshield needs to be cut down about 3-4 inches.   It’s just too tall and creates noise because of it.  I'll get it cut down in Conroe, TX like I did the other one.  It’s nice to be back in the saddle again.

Denny came over later and we sat out on Ed & Sandy’s porch dinking beer.  I haven’t drank beer in awhile for sure.  Then we all went over Art & Linda’s to socialize.   From there we got in Denny’s fun mobile and went to Screamers for dinner.  Screamers is an old hamburger joint.  Looks like it and tastes like.  Their hamburgers were good and their fries are great.  We all returned home for a quiet evening.

See ya……..