Thursday, May 14, 2015

Around The Block In The Jeep

Carol & I decided to go to La Mesa RV in Mesa to pick up our extra RV keys and the pole locks for our large slideout.  Mesa is in Southeast Phoenix and about 95 miles.  No problem in picking up our parts. 

Then we decided to go see Greg & Jan White in Prescott about 120 miles North.  We had their number but it turned out to be a wrong number.  We took a chance and headed that way anyhow.  It was a nice drive once we got out of Phoenix.  We arrived at Affinity RV about 2 PM and drove around back to see if we could find them.  They blew a tire last week and were waiting for insurance approval to start the repairs.  Over $11,000 for the damage from the front tire blowout.  The cost included two pairs of underwear for them.  Well, they were home.  We talked for hours and hours.  Their cat, Mister, really took to me.  That was cool.  He’s about 10-11 years old and really likes Greg a lot.  Their blog is  Go back on their site and you can read about their blowout adventure.Dennis-and-Mister

Then it was time to start back home.  We took a route back to Congress via Skull Valley to avoid all the real tight mountain turns on route 89.  Both are very scenic drives but route 89 is not for RV’s or tried drives to Congress from Prescott.  This route was about an extra 10 miles to make it a 60 mile trip.  Total miles in the Jeep was 275 miles today.  Since we made several stops along the way it wasn’t too bad.  The temps ranged from 82 to 63 degrees. 

When we got back home I put the Harley trike in the trailer and our chairs out of the way of the expected rain.  The rain held off till later that night.   On Ed & Sandy’s back porch was two packages for us when we got back.  One was a HJC full face helmet and the other was an induction stove top cooker.   The helmet fit perfectly.  I want to try it out as soon as the predicted rain is over, probably Sunday.  The cooktop might be tested later tomorrow or the next day. 

Today was another good day.

See ya…………