Sunday, May 31, 2015

Nuttin Honey

Well, I kinda knew if you were going to do anything for any length of time here in Tucson outside it needed to be done before 9 AM.  At 9 AM it was already hot.  
I was gonna clean the trike from riding it the rain the other day.  Nope, didn't happen.  It still needs a real good power wash on the engine and underneath.  I got a power wash in Livingston that will do the job.  Yes, the engine has to be cold/cool before doing that kind of engine clean. 

I was gonna clean the bugs off the paint in the front end of the RV.  It wasn't really too bad from our trip Tuesday.  Nope, didn't happen. 

The Jeep really needed a wash.  I didn't take the front bra off and I didn't go over to the car wash on base.  Nope, that didn't happen either. 

Didn't do much of anything outside.  Carol & I worked on the ice maker in the frig.  We took it out and let it thaw out.  Then we put it back in and now it's a waiting game. 

I fixed the headliner above the driver seat.  It just needed some rescrewing at a different angle. 

Full time RVing is so hard.   

We did go over to Sharon & Don's for his Tri-tip dinner along with Lynn & Mickey.  Don has cooking that Tri-tip down to a science.  I might try one in the smoker one day.  The meat is nice and tender.  
Everybody is busy.......