Wednesday, May 20, 2015

RVing The Laid Back Way

This morning Carol & I went to the I.D. section on base.  We needed to find out why our I.D.’s weren’t in the “system.”  After verifying all of our information was correct they checked the “system” and said yes we were in the system and have been.

We went back to the visitor center and met our daughter there to get her a temporary pass.  We were in and out in less than 5 minutes.  They verified we were in the system and didn’t know why we weren’t the day before.  I do.  Improper trained troops without supervision who didn’t know how to check the “system.”  She got her 3 day pass and will have to get another one Sunday.  I wonder if we will still be in the “system.”

We sat around both inside and outside the RV.  For dinner I put on some ribeye steaks on the grill.  I think they turned out just the way everybody likes them.

Our daughter doesn’t have cable/satellite TV so we watched some TV shows with her.  She liked playing with the cat and called it fat.  Carol said no, it was just old age like us.

It was a nice laid back day with the temps only in at a very nice 78 degrees with overcast most of the day.

Our daughter is already planning her next graduation in 18 months.  She is now attending classes for her Masters in business.  Go girl…….

See ya……