Thursday, May 7, 2015

RV Maintenance & Custom Keys

Earlier this week I called Freightliner chassis about getting an ignition key.  But no, it’s not a Freightliner ignition key.  “Just go to a locksmith and have one made.”  I did and he said go back to your RV manufacture (Winnebago).” Then there was a conversation I had with a Winnebago dealer. I talked with a them and schooled them on this special key.

As I later found out, Winnebago came out with something called LockOne key system.  All of our locks are the same as the ignition key.  Not those 751 compartment keys that are used by a lot by manufactures.  This special key is really special in that a Winnebago dealer is the only one that can order it.  It is an unusual looking key.  Not all Winnebago's have this key type system.  I don’t know if it’s still used or what.  My owner’s manual says’ it’s a option.  It’s not listed on any of our paperwork.  Anyhow I called a Winnie dealer.  I had to explain the system  to him and that I needed one.  He said that he would check and get back to me.  That was Thursday afternoon last week.  I called Monday and he said I could order this LockOne key from him so I ordered two, $27 each.  Thank goodness it’s not electronic.

I got back to work on reinstalling the engine air filter now that it had dried out overnight.  Whew, what a job but it’s in.

Next was to take down the mud flap and beat the bends out.  No trouble getting it down.  I used a big mall hammer and gave it a few beats and it straighten out pretty good.  Then I used some Aerospace 303 on the rubber and cleaned and shined the metal parts.  I reinstalled it and it looks pretty dog on good.

Next was my outside right mirror.  It needed to be loosened up and realigned.  It’s never been quiet the way I like it.  You need a special tool usually to make any adjustments to them.  No problem, I had 3 of them.  So that finished that job.

It’s noon and my maintenance work on the RV is done for at least today.  I took a nap.  I worked hard this morning and I’m no spring chicken anymore.

Later that evening Ed/Sandy and us went down to Denny/Susie’s place.  They had apple pie and ice cream for us all.  It was a nice evening.

See ya ………..