Friday, May 29, 2015

Sedoa Loop & Moving Time Again

OK, nothing going on to repairing the blog by the big companies so I will copy and paste but no pics yet. 

Yesterday, Friday, I did the Sedona scenic drive thru the mountain on the Harley trike.  Carol didn't feel up to it after the Grand Canyon run.  We've done this Sedona route before via the car but the bike was different.  Hard to describe.  You definitely don't have to try and look up from the inside of the car and see the roof.  I went 120 miles round trip.  BUT coming back I ran into about 10 minutes of rain just before Flagstaff.  It rained good too.  Well, the bike has been in rain now and looks it.  Yes I got a little wet but dried off before I got back to camp.  the bike I will wash down in Tucson. 

We leave for Tucson tomorrow which is about 275 miles.  We expect the temps to be in the triple digits.  Hey, it's summer and it's hot in the desert.

Our visit here at Camp Navajo has been a good one.  We will return.

See ya........