Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Did The Canyon Loop via Motorcycle

Well, I’m attempting to find a solution to get pictures in the blog now. Got the verbiage OK…. so just some blogs without pictures for now. That’s not fun….

Carol & I got on the trike and did the Grand Canyon loop. It’s about 200 miles round trip. It was a a nice ride. Woods going up from Williams via Route 64/180 to the Grand Canyon. Then of course thru the Grand Canyon which was spectacular of course. Then out of the park and connected up to route 89 south to Flagstaff and back to the campground.

I think we started out about 10:30 AM and got back about 4 PM for a full day of sight seeing via motorcycle. Yes, we have pictures but can’t figure out how to get them to here yet.

See ya……