Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Ceremonies

Service men & women, past and present……. thank you……and a big Ohnn Rahhhhhhh.DSC_0003

DSC_0132I shy away from military recognition events like this for unknown reasons.  Never been to The Wall.  Maybe someday.  

I watched the opening Memorial Day Ceremonies for the Indy 500…. it was very cool…among the best.  Real good racing.

Then I watched the NASCAR race ceremonies.  They were good too.  I wished the Color Guard knew that their weapons are to be on their outside shoulders.  One was and one wasn’t.  Hey, it’s just on National TV on Memorial weekend and I guess someone didn’t check The Flag Manual.  I think it was the National Guard Color Guard.  Oh well…….the racing was really great.

I’ve been on many Color Guard details leading big parades in Pennsylvania for four years.  I even got to be in one that welcomed home a Beirut hostage for those that remember those days.   We had our pictures in the major news media…blah…blah…

We also did funeral details during those years for all branches of the service for veterans.  One I remember had two buglers playing Taps.  One was close the other was in the distance like an echo.  Whoa, that was ever so memorable and brought tears.

I remember one town parade we were at and the parade officials wanted us to march behind the police horse Color Guard.  It was real simple, we, Marines, march in front or we don’t march.  They said fine and we left.  We later got a letter of apology from the Mayor for their lack of knowledge of Flag Etiquette.  You might not know this but the Marines are the oldest continuous military branch of service.  Therefore, we march (with colors), first…period.  It’s our honor, our privilege and right to do so. 

It actually sprinkled here for about 10 minutes during the day.  I guess that’s what they call 20% chance of rain.  Later that night the other 80% came and it rained pretty good.

We are planning to leave Vegas Tuesday. It’s just not our cup of tea. Too many people in a small area. The idiot level percentage  goes way up.  We’re thinking of going somewhere where it’s cool.  That’s before we hit real hot dry weather then on to hot weather and muggy.  Still going to Tucson of course then on to Livingston.

It might be time to break out the Harley trike tomorrow, Memorial Day, and do the Vegas strip.  Since it’s a straight, short and slow road Carol might go.DSC_0018

See ya……………..