Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Leaky/Slow RV Toilet Ball/RV Air Filter

Yea, the toilet bowl ball problem is fixed at least temporary maybe longer.   I got several replies on how to fix the slow ball return to include to clean the ball gasket real good with Dawn.  Another was use white vinegar.  And silicone faucet grease along with a few funny ones that I won’t repeat.  Anyhow one one worked for us.  It was the silicone faucet grease that blew me away.  Just put this particular silicone grease around the rubber gasket and wham.  It now works better than new.  Thank you Jerry Johnston you win a hamburger next time I see ya.  Since the toiler is not even two years old I think this will work.  Even if it’s only for awhile its a remedy that will go in bag of tricks.  So, guys, if your ball isn’t what it use to be, put a little grease on it!

Next was to wash the bugs, mainly fat bees, off the front end, top to bottom.  Since they had been on less than 24 hours it was pretty easy.  I’ve found out if you leave those suckers on too long they will put pits in the plastic shield on the front ends of these newer motor homes.  DSC_0001

Next was to tackle cleaning the K&N engine air filter.  This air filter container has to be removed each time.  A lot of rigs you can just take the air filter out of the can, wash it, dry it, and then put it back in.  No real time spent.  Well, this motor home isn’t easy like that.  Oh well, that’s the way it is.  Here’s where the K&N air filter was.  Behind all that stuff and at the bottom to the top.  I got a rag stuffed in the bottom so no birds or critters crawl into it and directly to the engine.DSC_0002

Here’s the canister out.DSC_0004

And here’s the filter out of the can.DSC_0005

I used an air pressure machine to blow out the dirt first.  Then I washed it with soap and water.  Now it’s drying and I will reinstall tomorrow.  This particular K&N filter is washable with soap and water.  Not all are.  This K&N filter was about $300.  A regular Freightliner air filter for this model runs about $150-$180.  I used to change these once a year.  So this device will pay for itself real quick being that it is washable.  I checked my records and it appears I installed this filter in Nov 2013 and about 20K miles ago.  It needed cleaning concerning we went to Alaska during this time.  Wow, I didn’t realize it had been that long ago.  It’s been on my list of things to do for awhile.  It seems the engine was a little sluggish on take offs.  It couldn’t be that extra 2,500 lbs motorcycle/trailer.

Denny & Susie came over for social time and diner.  We shared dishes.  I had that pulled pork from a few days ago still wrapped up.  Sandy warmed that baby up and it was so good.  We all fixed the world problems while we sat outside and ate and chatted.  Today it was in the 70’s and nights in the 50’s.  Unusual weather for this time of year around here and really enjoying it.

Tomorrow I will reinstall the K&N air filter.  I need to pull the mud flap off the rear end of the coach and straighten it out again.  I’ve bent this one up more than any other coaches we’ve had combined.  I’ve raised it put that don’t help that much.  The frame is lower than most frames thus the rear end drags more in certain road conditions.  We shall see…..

See ya……….