Saturday, May 30, 2015

Arrived in Tucson, AZ & 100+ degrees

We made the 275 mile trip to Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ.  It was a nice quiet trip.  Around Phoenix the traffic got heavy both ways.  In Phoenix the temps reached 105 degrees.  Wow, that's hot.  When we got to Tucson it was around 100 degrees.  Really not that much difference for us.  The AC comes on and then off at night.  That's different for us.  It's 4 AM and it's 73 degrees out. 

We got a site at the AFB right next to Sharon & Don.  Then two sites over is Lynn & Mickey Waite.  They just got a brand new Tiffin Phaeton.  It's pretty.  They are having trouble with one of their slides.  It's a Swinnteck just like what we got - poor design.  Hopefully they will have better luck on getting it repaired the 1st time than we did. 

We all went to Triple T for dinner.  It wasn't the greatest for some reason.  Carol did love her liver & onions though.  My chicken fried steak was kinda dry and not juicy.  Sharon's meal was really bad and returned it.  They must have had a sale on taters because her large tortilla roll was filled with them. 

I'm still playing around with getting the text in this blog.  Once I get this nailed I will start with the pictures. 

See ya............