Thursday, February 18, 2016

“Stuff” To Do

Today I had to get “stuff” done.  I ate then did the dishes.  Just 4 days worth.  I filled up both sinks so there’s the flag to do it.  Next was the kitty litter.  All sorts of little flags in there.  Then the garbage with kitty litter went to the little shed.  We store our garbage in cans inside the shed so the animals don’t get all excited.

Next I went and got a newspaper with the grocery ads.  What’s a blog without mentioning food.  I try not to get to carried away.  The ads have a few things I will get later today.  The frig is looking pretty bare.  It was almost like that when Carol flew out Sunday.  It’s really bare now.  I think it might be the time to visit Popeye's or Church’s chicken this evening. 

For lunch I went to La Colona Mexican Restaurant and met the “guys” for our normal Thursday lunch.  Gail almost always went when she was feeling better.  She will be missed.

After  lunch with the guys, I washed the bugs off the front of the RV.  It wasn’t real bad but those little suckers were squished had to come off now.  If not, their fluids will eat the plastic shield on the front.

I’m at a standstill with the install of the solar panels in/on the little RV.  Mark said we would finish it Saturday.  That’s good because I have loose cables on top and it’s suppose to rain Monday.  Plus the little RV goes to a Ford dealer (100 miles away) to check out the sagging right rear leaf spring.  It’s still under warranty but I don’t think I’m that lucky. 

Next I cleaned up the barn.  It was a mess before we left last year.  You know, nothing moved since we left.  It was all right were I left it.

I decided to go with a TV dinner vice chicken for dinner.   I didn’t feel like driving into town, too many idiots at dinner time.

Se ya…….