Saturday, February 27, 2016

Boxes, Boxes and More Boxes

I was up and about my normal time what ever that was.  I was over at Mark’s by 9 AM.  I was among several people that was helping with going thru Gail’s storage boxes with her daughter and husband.  Gail must have had over 50 storage boxes from her move over 10 years ago from California.  We had three area piles.  One was throw away, one was flea market items and the last was keep.  Some things were very obvious and some weren’t and we let others decide that.

They were gonna throw away 2 small quilts and what I call a horse blanket.  It’s an older military green heavy wool blanket.  They gave me those items.

Three hours later and two pick up trips to the dump we put a big dent in the boxes.  It was lunch time.  Jim & Kim left a big pot of chili the night before because they couldn’t attend today.  The chili was very filling and plenty of it.

Back at the RV I had work to be done.  Carol is coming home tomorrow (Sunday).  I had to make a trip to the dump too, wash clothes and just straighten up the exbachelor pad.  A few hours and I was done

Then a peaceful evening watching TV.

See ya…..