Saturday, February 13, 2016

Little RV

I did a few things in recent days to the Little RV.  I installed three 100 watt panels on the roof Saturday.DSC_0006They still need to be hooked up together and ran down inside to other electrical do dads like a controller and an inverter.  I have the parts which are all used.  Mark is the expert in that department.

I did replaced all the 12V bulbs with LED lights inside and even the porch light outside.DSC_0003

I’m testing after market charge/maintenance battery devices.  This is a Harbor Freight solar charger.  I’m not convinced that thing is any good yet.  Poor so far.DSC_0004

This one is from Harbor Freight too.  It hasn’t been any good yet either.  DSC_0013

This one I’ve had for many years and it holds the battery at near 15 volts.  Not sure if that is good or bad but still testing on new batteries.DSC_0012

motorcycle battery testingDSC_0011

From the front of the little RV roof looking down.  Weeeeeeee.  Carol hollered at me and I nearly fell off.DSC_0008

So what do you do when you get that white caulk on your pants while installing the panels.  I used gasoline to get the caulk off.  It worked fine but Carol said I smelled like a walking gas bomb.  So I took them off and ran around naked.  That will keep the wanabee new lot owners away.  We have three lots for sale around us.DSC_0009

OK get this.  Verizon just told us we used all of our 16 GB data and we got five days left.  Interresting…….