Tuesday, February 23, 2016

RV Solar & Rain

After the rain stopped I dumped the fresh water out of the little RV around back behind the big RV.  Then I drove it around front and put it under the carport.DSC_0013

It rained this morning something fierce.  The picture don’t show that it is still raining.DSC_0006

I’m trying to get the voltage down in the little RV to test the solar panels and see if they are getting that sun.  It won’t happen today maybe tomorrow.  I hooked up everything I could and left all the lights (LED) on overnight.  Plus I run the fan during the day and leave the GPS on.DSC_0011DSC_0012

I got it down to 12.2 which is where I want it for at least another day when the sun comes out.DSC_0010

I straighten the garage a little.  the bag is full of throw away plastic and junk.  The table is the work bench for installing the solar.  I won’t put that away until the solar is done.DSC_0014

I think the groceries are running low.  The frig hasn’t been this empty in a long time.DSC_0009

I think I will get some pork butt when it goes on sale again.  I need to smoke several and keep handy for those last minute get togethers.

The wind really started to howl in the afternoon and all of last night,  It shook the big RV like I thought someone was pushing on it.  Hopefully the wind will die down tomorrow.

See  ya……….