Friday, February 19, 2016

Here Kitty Kitty…

Now I will get my dishes from here…clean ones if I can dig them out.  I don’t think I know exactly where every thing goes anyhow.DSC_0001

I was doing some new research on Alaska (Prince Of Wales Is.) and the cat decided to lay on the small table I was working at.  I lifted her off and put her behind me on my insulated shirt.  That she loved.DSC_0002

She’s in heaven…..DSC_0004DSC_0005

Then she moved.  Maybe a little too warm.  Looks comfortable to me. DSC_0006

I picked up the mail and got this letter from our Navy Federal Visa.  They said they are making changes.  The one that drew my attention was that they no longer charge for Canada transactions (fuel/food/camping).  That will be good for going thru Canada in route to Alaska in 2017, yes 2017 not 2016.  Yes, the Loosey Goosey Group for 2017 is starting to form up again.  We got 5 rigs going so far.  Four of them have been with us before.  It will be driving trip up there number 6 for us.  I think we got about two dozen plus members that have made the trip as Loosey Goosey members in the past.   As always, we are NOT a caravan.  As time goes on I will explain more.  Here’s the letter.DSC_0003

I got a quick picture of this Cardinal outside my window.DSC_0007

I walked over to Lisa & Jim Kocca’s place which is just across street from the back of our lot.  It was a small gathering of people from the Escapees Hq office.  I was the outsider meaning I didn’t have a job with the Escapees.

It was great telling stories on each other.  Each time they get a little more exaggerated.  It was a blast.

One person jokingly said he would bring the NY strip steaks next time.  Everyone else decided for him that time would be tomorrow night (Sat).  It was Bud Carr.  We shall see.

Mark is coming over tomorrow so we can finish up the install of my solar system on the little RV.  It’s above my pay grade when it comes to electrical stuff.  Maybe it has something to do with sticking a knife in an electrical socket when I was younger.  Yes, I was one of those kids.  That all metal knife really stung too!  I’ve been a little shy around electrical stuff ever since which is probably good.

See ya…….