Thursday, February 25, 2016

Get Together Time Continues

I forgot all what I did yesterday.  Oh, I got some pork butt from H.E.B. grocery store.  I got 4 of them suckers so far.  I will probably get 2 more at least.  It’s on sale for 88 cents a pound.  It’s hard to find at a buck a pound much less 88 cents.

I put a previous smoked pork butt in the oven to warm it up for tonight.

Then I went to the La Colona Mexican restaurant for lunch with the “guys” from Escapees Hq.  It was fun as usual.

Bob Pinner came over to BS.  We then went over to his and Molly’s new Class C.  It’s a Winnebago maybe an Aspect, I forget.  The actual length is 32 foot and has 3 slides.  The layout is really nice.  It’s not a camper like our little 25 footer.  It’s pretty loaded with options.  It’s an RV meaning it’s just as nice as most of the big ones.  Winnebago really did some thinking on this model.

A few hours later it was time to go over Jim & Lisa’s place for a little get together.  My smoked pulled pork was a big hit.  It was good but I usually like my butts more spicy and hot.  Jim made some real nice Margarita's.   I had one.  My second one disappeared.  Somebody wanted it more than I did apparently.  Bud made a special tater dish and a dessert.  Bud has become a cook of sorts.  He said he can only make a few dishes and most of them are tater related.  It was fun…….

I watched the GOP debate that is being held here in Houston.  I liked it most of the time.  Rubio was trying to make a name for himself by arguing with Trump.  Too me it looked out of character for him.  Trump is the loud mouth and now Rubio has joined him at least for this debate.  Who else was in the debate?  Meaning it was basically them two.  Enough politics……

See ya……….