Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Opps I Shouldn’t Have Lifted That

I’ve had this Cobb machine for years so I thought I would give it a try.  I bought it at an auction for $5.  It was used once.DSC_0014DSC_0016

I dressed it up with a few spices.DSC_0017

After 3 hours it wasn’t cooked so I threw the meat on the barbee.  I cut it up since it was so thick. DSC_0030DSC_0031

I ate it…………….

Next was to attack the little RV solar system and get it ready to do the wiring and all.  If it looked like an area that wire might have to be ran through I took it apart.DSC_0032DSC_0033DSC_0034DSC_0035So much for that.  I have to wait for the expert, Mark, to do anymore.  I’ve done enough damage.

The 16” spare tire I had to remove from it’s mount inside the rear compartment.  Then I had to lift it out of the compartment.  Next I sat it on the rear bumper to see if it would fit…nope.  I then lifted it again to get it off the bumper.  Next was to see if it would go on top the storage trunk.  Nope.  Then I lifted the tire off that.  Yep……too much lifting.  Where’s my back pain meds?

See ya………….