Friday, February 12, 2016

Run Around

Texas DMV has changed.  In years past you just take your normal paperwork in and the clerks would work wonders and you would walk out with your tags, etc.  Now you need more than just the “normal” paperwork.  I had to actually take a picture of our 2014 RV and take pictures of the weight rating on the door jam and provide them to the DMV here in Livingston.  Then they wanted me to supply them with a weigh sheet saying how much the little class C RV actually weighed.  I didn’t go for the last weigh in thing.  It cost me $50 a year more each year for tags now.  They don’t except the Escapees weigh sheet because it’s not typed.  Big sity crap.  You got to be kidding.  Livingston DMV has broken away from the little country town that’s here to make it easy for the people.  They need to put a big sign up that says “We are now here to make it difficult for you like the big cities!” They really tried to make my day misarable but it was all over by noon. 

Carol got a call from her brother, Steven, about their Mom who is in the hospital.  Carol is flying out Sunday to Baltimore to help her Mom get back on the road of recovery.  We got a round trip ticket for $600  (ouch) which is for two weeks.  It’s way to cold up north to drive there and stay.  It’s like in the teens………… Visa really likes us a lot.

We moved the little RV back under the roof after it had it’s vehicle inspection for tags (DMV) this AM.  I will start installing the three 100 watt panels real soon probably.  I don’t have to worry about rain at all now.

I also set up an appointment with a Ford dealer because the one leaf spring (right rear) is starting to act up again.  The dealer is 105 miles away.  Why so far?  Because they are the only Ford dealer in the general vicinty that has the ability to lift the RV up and get to the spring.  The RV is still under Ford warranty so we shall see.  The appointment is for Monday the 22nd.

Mark came over towards the late afternoon.  He has a lot of  things going on with his sister being in the hospital and not really doing so well.  He was able to relax some and help solve the world problems as we usually do.

See ya………..