Monday, February 29, 2016

Escapade/DEF/Sat Dish

Oh yea, my smart (?) phone now lasts two days instead of a half of day.  I would charge it every night because the battery was so low.  Now every other night.  Why?  Lisa and Dortha showed me how to turn off all the apps in the background meaning they looked like they were off and weren’t.  My data usage should go way down also.  How cool…

Escapade 2016 here we come.  Bob & Molly, Escapade Directors, asked if Carol & I would be part of their staff.  We all know that Carol will be the Line Dancing Instructor but what about me.  I will be Dave Neil’s gopher which entails inventory.  Sounds like a Fed Ex delivery guy with no truck.  Details to follow…….

Since this is a blog I have to mention food don’t I.  I stopped at Whataburger this morning for breakfast.  Just like always I got my sausage gravy & biscuit with coffee for two bucks.DSCN1144  That’s a deal.  I think the coffee is free for old farts.

Then on to Brookshire grocery store to pick up a case (4) of DEF for the big RV.DSCN1145DSCN1149Newer diesels have to have it and $8.99 for 2  1/2 gallon container is pretty good.  $11.99 at Walmart.  The black tank is where it will go eventually in the big RV.

Next stop was ORillys Auto store.  I wanted to get some fuel injector cleaner for the little RV.  I had to buy enough to treat 50 gallons.  I got this stuff.DSCN1150

Got back home and picked up the little RV and went to the gas station.  Gas was $1.37 yesterday and today was $1.41 a gallon.  I put in 2  1/2 bottles of the cleaner and filled her up.  Back home I went.

Here’s the portable sat dish and cables I’ve been messing with.  I did get it to work in the mobile.  Next was the little RV.  I could only get it to work if I ran the cable right to the receiver.  I couldn’t use the outside “sat dish in” connectors outside of the RV.  That would have made it a lot easier.  That will have to wait for another day.DSCN1146DSCN1148

Next was to hook the TV & receiver back to the stationary dish next to the mobile.  I had to call Direct TV to get the HD channels back.  All’s well.

During all this my Dr office called.  When I was there about 10 days ago the doc got blood for some special tests.  They got the results back that’s why the call.  Seems like my blood readings are a little off just like me.  Now I have to go to another specialist next week to run some more tests.  Talk about feeling like a guinea pig.

My right foot, like Carol and Sue, is giving me a hard time.  It’s getting to the point I’m having trouble putting any weight on it or even walking.  It started 2 days ago.  Getting old…….

See ya………