Sunday, February 28, 2016

RV Portable Sat Dish/Carol’s Back

Portable sat dish report….it’s working.  I’m really not sure why it works.  I was doing everything under the sun and next thing I know it was working.  Wingard even couldn’t get it going yesterday.  I watched NASCAR using it.  I then had to disconnect everything later so I could close the mobile sliding doors for the night.  Tomorrow I will hook it all up and see what it does.  If it works I will turn everything off and move the sat dish in a different area as it we moved to another area in our RV.  If that works, I will disconnect and then move everything to the little RV and check it out.  We shall see.

Oh yea, I picked up Carol at the Bush Int Airport.  Her plane must have been flapping it’s wings a lot because the plane arrived a half hour early at 7:30 AM from Baltimore.  It was a direct flight and of course that’s good.   We ate breakfast at her favorite restaurant Cracker Barrel.  Then onward home.

The cat immediately reclaimed Carol as her head care taker and had her under her control.  The cat had to train Carol as she (cat) learned going out to her tent was really great when left alone in it.

I picked up some Techron (Chevron) fuel system cleaner at the auto store.  This 2013 Ford V10 (305 hp) in the little RV seems to flutter just a little bit at high RPM’s.  I rarely get into the high RPMs.   It should be getting 9+ MPG too.  Maybe it’s the fuel injectors or maybe just one being just a little dirty at 30K miles.  I will fill it up tomorrow and add this stuff to the 50 gallon gas tank.  Maybe even look at the air filter again now that the sun is coming out more.  You know, hold the air cleaner up to the sun and if the rays come thru it’s fine.

We had Little Caesars pizza for dinner.  I put about 5 different seasonings on it for my taste.  We were hungry and it did it’s job.

See ya………..