Sunday, February 21, 2016

500 What?

Daytona 500 is what.  NASCAR is back so my Sundays are planned or at least the recorder is.  It was a real good clean race and it was won by inches.  Nice race…

Off and on during the day I was cleaning up our mess from yesterday and putting things in the barn but not away.

Since rain is being called for tonight I went ahead and got the car hooked up for my little run tomorrow.  I got an appointment with a Ford dealer on the other side of Houston about 100 miles one way.  I’m gonna have them check out my right leaf spring on the little RV.  It’s a no time appointment other than bring it in before noon and them take a look at it.  It’s still under Ford chassis warranty so we shall see.  I might (probably) have to leave the thing there for repairs but only for a very short time I say. DSC_0011

Did you see yesterday’s blog….?

See ya…………….