Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Solar Is Installed/Dinner Outstanding

I was up at 5 AM today.  The last two mornings I slept in to 7 AM and that’s rare for me.  Maybe it’s the new meds.  It is friggin 34 degrees!!!! right now.

I looked around and saw “stuff” laying around.  If Carol was here I would/could/should put all this stuff away.  The cat’s away the mouse will play.  Opps, I see un unoccupied area.  I will have to take care of that.

The cat gets up with me no matter what time is is.  This morning after bothering me for an hour she went and laid down.  This is one of her NEW spots.  I think she’s watching me.  She’s hanging over on the side too.  I think I would too.DSC_0005

Mark came over this afternoon and installed a kill switch for the solar.  See the little switch on the right side of the box,  The switch is turned off when the RV is in storage.  Before when I turned the big switch off inside the RV (storage position) I was getting a little power from the solar panels.  Not wanted when it’s in storage,  So anyhow, it’s fixed.DSC_0001

The black box above the inverter was testing the voltage coming thru it.  It has three 110  receptacles on the inverter.  Mark is going to wire the inverter to the converter in the RV so all the RV 11o outlets in the RV will work off the solar.  I know it sounds a little confusing.DSC_0002

Next was this aluminum step.  It was pretty loose.  I ended up having to take it off and realign some brackets that were worn thru the underside of it.  No bigee,  just a pain for something so simple.DSC_0003

It was time to do the dishes again.  Damn that twice in 10 days.DSC_0004

It was time for Mark & I to go over Jim & Kim’s for dinner.  She fixed rack of lamb with asparagus and mashed taters.  Damn it was good.  I have never had rack of lamb.  It was outstanding.  Thanks Kim.  Here’s Kim.  She’s being a little tight with the chips.  She was really explaining the cork turn table.  It was neat.DSCN1131

AND while we were there we might as well taste some beer.  Mark and her are both brew masters.  They make their own beer.  I learned that being a guest that I was required to taste their beer.  I guess I can do that for them.  I sacrificed myself for them.  Here’s Jim.  He’s ready.DSCN1132

Tomorrow I have to warm up a real special smoked pork I have for a small get together.  It’s sister pork was given to Ed & Sandy when we were with them in AZ.  These two porks were seasoned  and smoked/cooked together for over 20 hours around Christmas time.

Oh, Jon and Sue Glick arrived back home yesterday.  I talked to Sue but not Jon.  He wasn’t feeling will.

See ya……………