Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Who the Hell!!!!

First I drove Carol down to Humble for her gas Dr appointment.  We stopped at her favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel, and had breakfast.  The doc said all of her tests looked good but he wanted one more final test.  He wants a lookey lou internal from the bottom up.  Yep, one of those where you can’t eat and you drink a whole bunch of this yucky stuff the night before.  Then you live on the toilet.  Been there done that.  Next Tuesday is the evacuation day.

After all that it was time to go to Harbor Freight since they were only two blocks away.  I got some much needed “stuff”.  Like a bike lift jack, nice real big tool chest, a shop ground stool, torque wrench, shop light, shop towels and some other things that where needed in the eyes of the beholder.  I needed this China stuff to work on my American bike.

Now it took me about 2 hours to put some of this stuff together.  Some of it was very heavy like the tool chest combo came in at a hefty 235 lbs empty.  I got tools scattered neatly all over the barn.  Now I can centralize my efforts when I go looking for a tool.  This is only the second tool box I’ve ever owned and the first one of pretty high quality without getting into the Snap On professional stuff.  If a thief broke in he would empty my tools and take the tool chest.  I don’t buy expensive tools because I don’t use them on a continued basis.  I do like the shop stool.  It’s on rollers and I can scoot around at knee level without bending over.  Hope they don’t steel that.

Oh, so I'm getting this stuff organized when I here Carol scream of excitement inside the rig.  I figured she found new music to a line dance.  No bigee.  A few minutes later this person pops their head around the corner and says, “Hi there!”  That’s when I remarked a few cuss words of excitement.  It was Susie Orr.  She rode in with the Peters who had come early to vote in Livingston and she wanted just to stop by and say a quick Hi.  She did and left.  Denny didn’t come because he was probably napping.  That was great.  Thanks Susie.  You got us!

It was getting near dinner time.  We bought tickets for the dinner up at the Activity Center.  The dinner sucked unless you like very cold pizza.  It was damn cold.  I would have rather had a deli sandwich like from the Subway than cold pizza.  Everyone got cold pizza.  It had sat for a long time.  Bad decision there for sure.  It was Halloween costume judging time.  Very innovative costumes for sure.  After that came games which were fun and entertaining for most people.  The grand prize with the games was $100.  Carol and I had a pretty filling day and left about 8 PM.

Wednesday might be one of those wind down days.

See ya…………..