Friday, October 31, 2014

Back To The Basics

Mark was here at 9 AM and we (he) jumped right into the primary/clutch area.  The part in his right hand is the one I broke and caused all the work and $$$.  One hour later we were done.  We loaded it with fluid and the bike started right up.  We were able to test the clutch because it was on the lift.  All was well.  Mark’s work was done and left to work on his bike. DSC_0011

It took me another two hours to finish putting the bike together, clean up and put away the tools. DSC_0016

Front fairing, windshield and radio/speakers I took off.DSC_0012

Back to the basics.  I think it looks better, more classic without that stuff on the front end.   I will put the leather saddlebags back on for sure.DSC_0014 DSC_0018

Carol likes working in the yard.  See her Alaska boots.  Another Sara Palin.DSC_0020

See ya…….