Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Motorcycle & Tools

If your not into motorcycles and working on them you might as well skip the rest of today’s blog.

I started taking the Harley apart according to the multi page encyclopedia I had on it called a shop manual.  DSC_0005Shop manual means they skip taking apart the easy stuff by just saying take it apart.  Not how !  It also assumes you have every tool that has ever been made.  I got the tool box too bad it’s almost empty.DSC_0006

With that in mind, I pressed on or rather off with the main cover on the engine.  That’s the new motorcycle lift holding the bike up.  I got it yesterday.  It’s so nice.DSC_0003   DSC_0004 DSC_0007


Then Mark came by after working 10 hours and still in his nice clothes.  He wanted to see how I was doing.DSC_0012

Next thing you know he was into it.  I  just kept tossing him some clean shop towelsDSC_0014

He picked up some tools and was off and running and before long the clutch and a little part of the transmission was apart.  Hey, what’s a little tranny fluid on the floor.DSC_0015

I knew that kitty litter had a second purpose.DSC_0016  DSC_0019 

These are called clutch discs.  Mark will be bringing me a tool to measure them to see if they need replacing but they might not.  It might be just a loose nut…. besides me.DSC_0021


He thinks this nut in the middle of this clutch assembly had came loose and that might be the only problemDSC_0020

Mark had never worked on a Harley before.  I’m glad he told me afterwards.  He will bring over a few other bigger tools tomorrow early morning before going to work.  Then I can torque this nut down.  Then I get to put everything back together after making one gasket then replacing the transmission and primary fluid.  I figure about two months or so.  Mark was here for about an hour and always had a wrench in his hand and it was turning.  He reminds me of Carol’s brothers – “get ur done!”