Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fixed & Broke Again - No, Not Me!

I got all the lights working on the Harley after finding a rotted connection (again).

I took Carol’s car to the Ford dealer again this AM for the engine light.  An hour later they said it was a fuel do dad and they would order the part.

Carol & I then went to Conroe via her car to find me a helmet.  They’re three motorcycle dealers there so the odds are good.  The first one was a Harley dealer.  I walked in and saw their helmet shelf.  It consisted of about 12 helmets total.  Not a good sign.  BUT, they had my size and I found a helmet I liked.  It wasn’t flat black but it fit perfect.  I walked around their show room with it on.  They were watching me like a hawk.  I guess not many people walk around with a new helmet on their head.  A couple of people asked if they could help me and I just said no thank you.  After about 10 minutes I walked up to the cash register and took it off and said I would take it.  No problem.  I didn’t wear it back to Livingston although Carol was driving (car).

We stopped at Applebee’s for lunch.  We had two of those $10 gift cards.  When we finished we gave the waiter the coupons who said they were expired and the date was on the gift card.  We paid cash and asked to see the manager.  The general manager came out and we told him we never got gift cards (Applebee’s) that would expire in 90 days.  He apologized and gave us two new ones no problem what so ever.  Not even a hint.  Very nice and that folks is customer service – right or wrong.  Yes, they expire in 90 days but now we know.

We got back and I put the helmet on and rolled the Harley out in the driveway to go for a ride.  The dumb thing wouldn’t crank.  It just sat there like a bump on a log like me.  I must have pulled a wire lose somewhere.  I checked it out but couldn’t find it.  Yes, the battery was good.  Another day I will check it again.  Poke me, I’m done.  I need Mark to fix it if he can.

OK, let me see if I can get this right.  Chris & Charles Yust are here, Jon & Sue Glick got here yesterday, Mark Nemeth got here Monday,  Mac McCoy (fire guy)and Annie are here (below),DSC_0002 Jim & Lisa Kocca are here and us.  Wow,  Time to get out the Bradley smoker and smoke some pork butt.

Our cat, Rainbow, crawled into this vinyl bag.DSC_0001

Just another day of doing a lot of nothing really important except Carol’s medical stuff.

See ya………….