Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cat’s Toy/Around The Lot

Our cat really, really likes her new toy/bed/scratcher/hiding hole.  We got it at Petco I think.DSC_0001

Around Mom’s lot…We don’t stay in the mobile home unless to entertain and do the wash….. The “Baby” is our home and that’s where we stay.DSC_0008

The boys are standing guard again.DSC_0010

From the rear entrance.DSC_0011

I backed the Jeep up to the barn to unload “stuff”.  We keep Carol’s car stored inside the barn when we are away.  Carol does her line dancing on the second floor.  Our gardening stuff is in the little shed.DSC_0012 

I trickled charged ( 1/1/2 amp) Carol’s car (Mariner Hybrid) last night and unhooked it this morning.  Later in the afternoon I tried starting it.  No problem.  It’s setting at one of our two full hook up sights. DSC_0002

Carol’s working me using the saws all and weed eater.  I thought full timers didn’t have to do that type of stuff.

See ya……………..