Monday, October 27, 2014

Full Timing Landing Place

I spent over 7 hours in our “Barn” which is an extra large two storing shed.  We had it built about 5 years ago.  We then immediately jammed a lot of RV stuff in my area which is the first floor.  After jamming a lot of stuff in it I have never straighten it up or organized it all.  I don’t even remember sweeping it.  A real man’s cave I guess except there wasn’t any room to set in it.  Well, I organized it a little bit to get the bike in and be able to work around it.  Today I organized, straighten it and even swept it out.  I threw out a lot of stuff that I thought still had life.  Life was what I imagined it to be and not reality was for the item.  I’m really proud that I can several guys can set in it and move around also.  I even cleaned a small frig and plugged it in.  Now I got to put some special beverages in it.  The music will come from the radio in the bike which is pretty good.   As full timers, it’s nice to have a place to land, reorganize our rig without having to throw stuff out for at least for 5 or so years.  We as full timers really enjoy the ability to do that.  After spending two plus months here we continue with our full timing.  We live in our rig 24/7  365 we just don’t move normally during these two months.  When we are out there we usually stay anywhere from 2-14 days and it depends on a lot of things to include cost.  Friends are friends and we don’t like abusing their offers to stay at their place….well, maybe just a little.  Usually I can fix some pulled pork and that helps a little bit.

See ya…………