Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Rocker, Carol & Smoker

It’s Saturday and we decided to make a run to Katy, TX to the Camping World over 100 miles away.  It rained most of the way.  We took Carol’s Mariner so we could make sure the car really got charged up.  It was at the Ford dealer Friday for a state inspection, oil change and an engine light that had came on.  Well, as soon as we left the engine light came back on.  Ford didn’t know why it was on but got it to go out.  Now it’s back on.  I guess it will go back to Ford Monday.  It ran fine for the 200+ miles.  Carol got her special rocking chair at Camping world.  It’s a rocker that uses two shocks on it.  Steve & Nancy O’Bosky had two and Carol really liked them.  You don’t have to be on perfect level smooth ground to rock in it.  I will take some pictures. 

Along the way we stopped at three Harley dealers trying to find a helmet I liked.  Couldn’t find one but did find out for sure that I do have a “Big Head”.  I take a 2XL in a Bell helmet.  I want a 3/4 face with a flat black finish.    Not a very big helmet selection in Texas due to the no helmet law I guess.  I went on line and they’re about $30 dollars more for the exact same thing.  That was hard to believe.

Sunday I need to go to several auto stores and see if I can find a cable shortener.  The clutch cable on the Harley is stretched out and needs to be shortened.  I hope they still make them.  I need to try and find where a fuse for the turn signals and fog lights that don’t work.  I got some engine degreaser and need to spray/hose it down to see what I can see.

Carol is pending referral approval for two more medical tests and is waiting for the results on her last test.  We saw the doc Friday and she wants the additional tests.  Carol has had all these test several years ago but the doc said it was time again.  Carol said fine as long as it don’t interfere with her line dancing.  Well, we know what her priorities are!

I’m still coughing and hagging.  I thought I was almost done but nooooo it can’t back.  It’s been over two weeks so far.  I guess I still got what ever it is.

Oh, I just got a new Bradley portable smoker delivered.  I bought one in South Dakota and had major problems with it like it didn’t work.  I called Bradley and they sent me the new one I just got.  I think it’s a newer model too.  I called Cabela’s and gave them hell for not having it in a store that was advertising it.  I drove 100 miles (en route) to get one at another store.  They sent me a coupon for $20 for my troubles.  Now it was normally $200 on sale for $150.  I opened an account with Cabela’s and got $25 off.  Now additional $20 off for a bottom line price was $105.  You got to spend money to save money.  I think it’s still better not to spend money but when you do, why not save?  A report will follow on how well the smoker works.

See ya…….