Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Liberty Opry & The Cops

Today…..what can I get into.  Time to check out the tow bar.  I tightened it all up before Alaska and checked it a couple of times during.  Now it’s time to go over it real good.  First I removed the Tow Defender Guard.  Great product to use for Alaska especially.  Then I removed the 12 inch extension.  I used it because the Two Defender was too close to the exhaust pipe.  Then I tightened ALL tow bar parts.  I run it a little tight.  Better tight than loose.  The whole tow bar does not budge at all.  Good thing I got some handy dandy plastic gloves to wear.  Of course, I didn’t wear any and my hands were black and under the nails too.  Damn I hate that.  Anyhow, all done. 

I got the soon to be bike trailer to get ready.  It needs the bearings packed and everything else greased.  The 12” tires are over 5  years old.   I might upgrade to 13” tires/wheels.  That’s all to be figured out later, not now.

Next I decided to clean the floor under the Harley.  It’s up on a lift so it shouldn’t be that hard to move around.  I slid it around and cleaned all the oil that I spilt over the past week.  A little oil transmission fluid and primary oil.  Oh what a mess.  I found two small parts that I didn’t recognize.   Mark & I will figure it out next week.  I got all that cleaned up and organized the parts and tools.  

That evening Carol & I went to the Liberty Opry House in Liberty… with Mark and Dortha Hall.  DSC_0001DSC_0007It was OUTSTANDING !!!!.  If you like the old time opry this is a place to check out.  We all really enjoyed it and will return again.  The special entertainer tonight was Michael Hix .  DSC_0019DSC_0020DSC_0017He was top notch and funnnnnnnny.  He would be what I call a singer impersonator/comedian.  He sang Whitney Houston’s song “I Will Always Love You” and nailed it.  They're not a whole lot of female singers who can sing that song but I never heard a man even try it like she sings it.  Again, he nailed it.  The audience were up on their feet clapping before he even finished it that’s how good he did it.  DSC_0025 He and another guy did the Blues Brothers song “Soul Man.”  Again, he was hilarious with his over the top dancing.

Here’s Michael’s wife Ginny Hix.  She could sing old country pretty good. DSC_0013

Here was a regular favorite “Booger Lee.”      DSC_0012 

Mark & Dortha I think entertained themselves.      DSC_0022

Mark was driving and on the way back and we got stopped by the police.  I don’t even know how many decades it’s been since I was pulled over much less being a passenger.  The cop was OK.  Evidently Mark made a Chicago stop back at a stop sign.  That’s where you slow down a lot but don’t stop all the way.  The cop said he was going to give Mark a verbal warning.  I asked if he could go ahead and give him a ticket because I wanted to get a picture for my blog.  He just laughed as he departed. 

Ahhhhh, that’s all folks.

See ya……………