Monday, October 13, 2014

Broke Again

I was cleaning the Harley and I lost some lights again.  I found a broken connector and will get some tomorrow (Tuesday).  The bike is like me.  It looks good in low light and from  a distance.

I finally took the new small Bradley smoker out of the car.  Bradley shipped me another one after the other new one failed royally.  I has some pork loin so I thought I would give a try.  They were small porkers.  I smoked for two hours and they were basically done.  I wrapped in tin foil and stuck in a regular oven on low/warm for another two hours.  Guess what we had for diner.  I over seasoned (Pappy’s rub) them for sure.  Maybe even smoked them too much with Maple.  They weren’t bad but just not great.  Pork butt is $3 bucks a lb.  That’s really high.

The rains came yesterday and again today.  The cold front is here.  It took the high humidity with it and it looks like it will be in the low 80’s and 50’s.  That’s real good plus no rain predicted for over a week.

Last Friday we took the Mariner into Ford to find out why the engine light remains on.  Plus a state inspection and oil change.  We get the car back and everything seems OK.  Saturday we drove it 10 miles and the check engine light came back on.  I called the Ford dealer Monday who said to being it in today (Tuesday).  We shall see.

See ya……………..