Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back At It….

And for you RVers saying that I don’t put anything about RVs in my blog lately – I emptied our black water tank yesterday.  I looked at the dirty wheels and dirty RV.  That’s about it on the RV side.

Oh yea, fuel prices are finally coming down.  Here in Livingston diesel is under $3.40  and gas is under $3 a gallon.  Yea…. keep on coming down.

Mark was here less than an hour after sun up.  Can you figure the time out?  He gave me the tools I needed to finish and button the Harley up.  So I’m off and running – very slow…. Now where do all those buttons go?  This one problem found we found just might fix the two mechanical problems I had.  They were difficult to start when hot and of course the clutch.

Before I start putting it back together I wanted to get primary and tranny fluid.  First Wal-Mart for the cheaper prices then to Auto Zone to get what Wal-Mart didn’t carry.  There are so many choices about what fluids to use in a Harley on the internet to the point of confusing.  Oh well, I just picked one for each.  Time will tell.

Back at the barn I started piece by piece putting it all together.  Here I 'am towards the end.DSC_0001 DSC_0003

Then it happened…SNAP !!!!!! I broke a long bolt that held the all clutch assembly together.  That means I really screwed it up.  I went to NAPA in town and got an Easy Out tool device.  I have no idea why they call it an Easy Out tool.  It wasn’t easy and it didn’t work.  I started taking it apart and past the point where we had taken it apart before.  Now I went as far as I could with the tools I had.  Mark came over after work.  He said, “Yep you screwed up.”  We opened a couple of beers and figured it out mentally.  Tomorrow Mark will bring over some gear pullers.  Take the last gear off that held 1 of the 4 bolts that I broke.  Then we came up with the idea of cutting rest of the bolt off and welding another one on.  No other choice at this point.  We finished our beers and called it a night.  I was so close getting it all together and now so far.

Maybe I should stick with shinning RV’s vice taking a wrench to a Harley.

See ya…………