Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Move Bricks Where?

Move these 120 bricks….DSC_0002

To over here…these babies are big and heavy.DSC_0001

And you end up with this about 4 hours and 6 Ibuprofen later….DSC_0012

Carol & I built this due to the poor drainage.  Rain water was moving dirt and rocks under the trailer.

The bike looks good.  Wish I could find why it won’t crank.DSC_0003

Mark came over.  It turned out to be a rusty connection in the steering column.  He made it look so easy finding the problem.  Now I will put it back together and start on other soon problems like a clutch, starter, rocker box gaskets and two white wall tires.  Mark said these things are what will need replacing real soon probably.  Radio works good !

I did managed to set up my little cooking area today.  I got some pork butt and baby back ribs today also.  Thursday early AM I will rub a 10 lb pork butt. It will go in the smoker 4 PM for about 18-20 hours.  Then another 4-6 hours wrapped up for tenderizing.  I’ve invited the instructors from Boot Camp over for some good fresh smoked pulled pork Friday evening.DSC_0014

The kitty got some time outside today while Carol & I worked on the wall.DSC_0010

Side window on the Jeep…..DSC_0015

See ya………….