Friday, June 28, 2013

Where’s Mom - Found Mom…

We spent Wednesday night at a KMart.  Thursday we went about 325 miles and arrived in Baltimore.  Carol’s mom went into the hospital that morning via ambulance.  The problem was that no one new that.  After calling the police they told us which hospital she was in.  Carol’s Mom had called 911 thus the police had a record.  Calling the hospital and trying to get verification and information was like going thru a maze.  She was admitted for serious blood clotting yesterday (Thursday morning).  I don’t know the med term.  Her doctor wants her to go on Hospice when she is released next week.  Carol is visiting with her right now (Friday morning).

We weren’t sure about leaving our Escapade responsibilities.  Bob Pinner, Escapade Director, said for us to leave – family first!  Now that we are here it was a 100% right decision to leave Gillette more ways than you can imagine.  Thank you Bob for understanding.  We don’t know if we will be here a couple of weeks or ?????. Everyday questions are coming up and we don’t know until the day arrives.

It’s hot, humid and is suppose to rain off and on for the next 4 days.  We are at Carol’s bro home parked next to his garage.  Carol’s Mom lives here also for now.  We got 50 AMP full hook up.  I got work to get the rig up to where it usually is – pretty.  Washer/dryer motor brushes, install AC shrouds after straightening the AC fins, wash the rig and shine the wheels.  The jeep needs major cleaning too.  Just time and not hard work.

Again thanks for all the concerned emails.

See ya……