Friday, June 14, 2013

We Are Here

Isn’t this guy saying goodbye to us?DSC_0109

Moose don’t care…..DSC_0003

We left the Tetons Thursday morning as planned.  It was a nice beautiful drive.  Traffic was scarce across route 26 east to Casper.  When we arrived at the Passport America park it was windy as hell.  The last 50 miles was a head wind.  That was a change for the tailwind since California.  Anyhow, the park was full and it was only 1:30.  Well we figured we would just go north towards Gillette until we found some place to spend the night.  Well, 100 miles later we were in Gillette.  The Walmart was full so we went to KMart.  It was empty.  First we went to Flying J here and diesel was $3.80 with discounts.  Easy in and out for us.

Bob & Molly Pinner and Wanda & Wallace Lewis, the Escapade Directors and Assits,  came over later to greet us and welcomed us to Gillette.  We had our water guns in the ready just in case.  The wind did not quit and we got some rain.  The Beast is just about the dirtiest it’s been in a long long time.  Oh well. 

Friday…..we were up early and headed for the Camplex.  Camplex is a new word for a modern fairgrounds.  We are parked with Bob & Molly, Wanda & Wallace and Mark & Dortha, our bosses for the Escapade.  Later the Advance staff/crews for the FMCA rally started to come in.  WOW…..a lot of rigs.  I was told to expect about 2,200 rigs.  Wow, that’s a lot of rigs.  It looks like what it is.  A lot of rigs.  Their rally starts next week and we all are parked right in the middle of their staff.  They all seem pretty nice and of course we are.  We wear are Escapee shirts and name tags.  We do get some looks.

Our team is organizing the plan of attack when FMCA leaves on Sunday the 23rd.  It’s mostly muscle work left now and just some paperwork to update.  The others have really been on the ball getting everything done at least as much as possible.  We are ready to greet the Escapade Staff the 27th.

See ya…….