Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thank you

Wow, I can’t even start to answer all the emails we got concerning Carol’s Mom.  I will answer everyone but for now I will say from us to you,  Thank You very much.

Monday we drove 500 miles.  Tuesday we went 600 miles.  We were ordered to leave a Sears parking lot at 2:30 AM.  We left after the police showed up and we had some fun jokes with them (police).  The police liked it when I said that we have been kicked out of better places. They also said they have never had a problem with RVers and enjoy talking to them.  I like talking to the police but 2:30 was a little early after a 600 mile day.  We went on down the road and ran into a horrific rain storm.  I got the rig washed by Blue Beacon earlier that day.  We went onto Elkhart.  Wednesday we got our brushes for the motor in the washer/dryer from Splendide.  Then is was to the RV Store that we got a Euro chair back in October.  The Euro chair was falling apart.  They replaced it with a new one.  Wow.  We went on down the road late Wednesday morning and got another 425 miles in and more rain.  Tomorrow we will have about 350 miles to Baltimore and Carol’s Mom.

We are rolling………

See ya…..