Monday, June 17, 2013

Another Prep Day

Well, FMCA is really packing them in here at the Camplex (fairgrounds) here in Gillette.  They have a parking force that looks like a small Army.  You can’t look anywhere and not see a parking team in waiting.DSC_0027

We did some work in the Escapade office catching up on new details.  Everything is going smoothly and well ahead of the game.

Sharon & Don are here for the FMCA rally.  I believe Sharon is giving a seminar and hopefully some RV driving lessons.  We went out to dinner at the Old Chicago restaurant.  What a great time.  We all came back to a small social at our rig area.  I think Sharon & Don really liked meeting the staff that they already knew.

Another day without the washer/dryer.  I talked to Splendide and will again tomorrow with more information for them like how many times the idiot light blinks on the thing.

See ya…..