Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sat Dish

We’ve had terrible sat dish reception for about a week now.  We’ve even moved the rig up three feet and then back about 6 feet trying to get the signal stronger than 50 percent.  We are right next to a tree and have had windy days causing the branches to move around.  We only got about half of our normal channels.  Well, I finally figured out what was wrong.  We had the Winguard wind up TV antennae up to receive local channels.  It turned out to be in the way of the sat dish thus the poor reception.  duh….. We had this same problem years ago put forgot about it.  I put the Winegurard antennae down about a 1/4 of the way and the sat dish reception came up to about 75%, yea……

Now I could watch NASCAR racing without the blurps and picture freezing.

I’m a happy camper and Carol is too.  She can watch all those weird old movie channels now.

I disconnected the water after putting about a 1/4 tank of fresh water in.  I put the sewer hose away too.  Now we just have the electrical to disconnect from tomorrow.  I took off the front windshield cover and cleaned the windshield of all of the collected dust.  We have 340 miles to go with two stops.  One is to have Blue Beacon wash the rig and the other is to get fuel at Love’s.  We will pay cash at Love’s to avoid their 6 cents or so to charge.  We got cash here on base at the local credit union bank thus no charge.

See ya…