Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fulltiming Milestone

Today we started our 14th year of being homeless and on the road full time.  This time 13 years ago we walked out of our realtors office.  We looked at our truck & 5th wheel and said,  “What the hell have we done now!”  Well, we have loved it ever since.  We don’t see any light at the end of tunnel and we aren’t looking for any light switches.  It’s been great and don’t even seem like 13 years of doing this.  It seems like about 2-3 years maybe.  Equipment has changed but our dream hasn’t.  Keep them wheels rolling to our next adventure.  Days or weeks of being lazy is an adventure.  Full timing is simple for us.  Are there problems along the way?  Sure there is.  It’s called life…deal with it as you go.

Today we got invited to a nearby house (big & fancy) party along with Dave & Brenda.  Being at a house party was a first for us other than being at relatives homes.  We didn’t know anybody except Dave & Brenda.  Most had small RVs but not not a topic at all.  They used the RVs to get from their summer homes to their winter homes.  It was nice and glad we went and met some new people enjoying a different type of life.

Down the road was where the party was at ..ooops, forgot their names.DSC_0002 DSC_0003

This was their manicured party yard and cook out area.  Their house was just not in the picture…it was nice too.  Their toilets didn’t have foot pedals either.DSC_0004

Then we returned back at the RV park.  Here’s Dave & Brenda’s place.DSC_0005

Here’s a pic of the RV park’s get together place. Who ever built this is from Texas, it’s big.DSC_0001

It was a nice day to celebrate our fulltiming anniversary.

See ya…….