Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Grand Teton & Yellowstone NPs

Campsites are not big at least not for a 43’ here in the lower Tetons.  They put us in a site for a 42 footer that we couldn’t fit into it.  They said take any site that we  felt we could fit.  We did and we kinda fit at an angle with the table and fire pit on the opposite site.  Hey, we’re in.  With the Golden Access card the site was $10.50 no hook ups.  We could have gotten  a full hook up but it was $45 a night and ONLY $35 with the Golden Access.  We thought about it for about a split second and declined.  They were big sites, full hook up, 50 AMP, paved and all that stuff.

Cell service is patchy along with the MiFi internet.  I got the blog out so it’s OK for being out in the Tetons.  Plus we got sat TV so what the hell!  We are in the sun and in the edge of trees.  We left the inverter on (12.8 V) when we went to bed at 10 PM.  I got up at 6 AM and we were still at 12.8 V.  We didn’t run the heat and the outside temp was 43 degrees and inside was 63 degrees.  The campground is about 75% filled.  You can run your generators from 8AM to 8PM but with our solar we don’t need to at least our first day/night.

The same moose was out and about 6:30 AM this morning.  Since I got about 50 pictures of him yesterday I saw no need to get any more.  I got to watch the 4-5 photographers taking pictures of the moose.  They were more entertaining.

We went thru the Tetons via Park Road north and up to Yellowstone too.  About 200 miles with a bunch of stops (Jeep).  We took over 200 pics so it was hard choosing only a few but here we go.

Our rig is just to the right.  That is The Grand Teton in the backgroundDSC_0002-002 DSC_0005-001 DSC_0007-001 DSC_0009

If you look real good you can see the antelope on the left that I’m shooting.DSC_0011-001

And here it is a little closer….love that 500 mm lens.DSC_0104 DSC_0016-001 DSC_0022-001 DSC_0041

 DSC_0051-001 DSC_0045-001

Near Deadman’s boat launch.  Walt can test his new brakes here…at least once.DSCN1942


Whew…what a long day.  Tomorrow we go south on the Teton Park Road.