Saturday, June 8, 2013

Alaska Again & Sign Of The Times

I backed up Carol’s computer.  What a pain in the butt this time.  Last time I just clicked on this or that and it went right to the external hard drive.  Not this time.  I farted with it for about a half hour and finally back up something that took an hour or so.  Mine I just hook up the mega hard drive and click a button and it’s done in a few minutes.  I’ve backed up all the programs and operating systems in both computers already.  Lesson learned there.

I’ve been working on our Alaska 2014 trip off and on.  I enjoy doing it.  I got two main routes.  At Tok we hang a left and go south or go straight to Fairbanks.  Each one has it plus and minuses. We’ve been the south route three times and the north route once.  I’m leaning towards the north route again.  So, I just completed doing the north route both in Streets & Trips and a day by day log.  These are only guide lines and will not be followed.  There’s a side trip in all this also.  The well known “Top Of The World Highway.”  That decision to go that route is made in Whitehorse.  Done it twice and it’s really not what it’s spoke up to be.  It’s more of the bragging rights than anything at least that’s what I think.  It can be very dangerous based on the weather and how many screw balls are doing it.  Tour buses run the route but I read somewhere that they will not be doing it after 2013 (?) due to the danger of the rapid changing road conditions.  It’s very simple decision.  Go late May or the first to second week in June.  Plus no rain the week before!  Other than those perfect conditions I wouldn’t even think about going again.  It’s just too dangerous for me….ooopps, got off on a tangent there.

Speaking of things.  Here’s a sign that we all wish we could post!DSCN1904

Here’s a cookout we went to the other evening.  Nice background.DSCN1905

They were aiming for the inner tube.  None made it.DSCN1906



In case you didn’t see these little things the first time..DSCN1910

Carol I split one and filled us both up along with the shrimp, bread w/olive oil, etc…..Then we had ice cream………bloated again……

See ya….