Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shine Those Wheels

I’ve been working on shinning the Beast a little each morning.  The mornings are cool and a nice time to do that kind of work.  I’m using Aerospace 303 on the paint which I’ve never done.  It really “POPS” but it is a lot of work.  Goes on easy then I have to wipe it tell the streaks are gone.  I’ve done the lower side on the passenger side.  Today I worked on the upper side using the ladder.  Not hard work just takes time.  Using a wax or polish is really easier.  I want to see what happens when it rains and all that kind of stuff.  Then I will decide if I will use it again.  I hope to wax the windows before we leave.

I finished the passenger side.  Next was the painted overlap on the roof/side.  I started doing it but the overlap was screaming hot.  Another day.  Plus if I shine the other side I’m gonna wax it.  It’s easier…wipe on wipe off.

My wheels are really shiny again…yea.  It don’t take much to please me sometimes.

The Jeep looks new again.  I bucket washed it, Aerospace 303 the black plastic fender extenders and tires.  It really looks good.  Now, where are those trails around here?

Carol has been doing line dancing everyday at the Park Barn with members of the park.  She really likes that.

We were going to go bowling with Dave & Brenda and some friends of theirs but Carol didn’t want to.  She wanted to get some things done in the rig.  Oh well.

We walked around the park at dusk and it was still pretty quiet.  Most people haven’t returned to their lots yet.

See ya….