Friday, June 7, 2013

Fulltiming Do Over From The Beginning

Someone asked what we would do different if we started full timing all over.  Wow, that’s a bigee.  The old standard I wouldn’t change anything could be said but………

RV…if we already had a RV we would keep it for about 6 months to a year when starting out.  Then decide what we really wanted/needed.  I would only buy a used RV about 3-5 years old and a one owner from a that owner.  They all cost money to upkeep.  Also, it would be an upper quality one.  It would probably be a motorhome because the way we travel/move a lot.  We don’t set usually for more than a week or two then one time a year for about 2-3 months maybe.  Length would be difficult but probably between a 34 and 40 feet and probably a diesel for the net carrying capacity (NCC).  That would be our desires to do over.

RV Park Memberships.  We started out with a used Thousand Trails and Coast To Coast.  We would do that the same.  Maybe pick up Passport America and the Elks if money wasn’t too tight.  That would be our desires.

RV Clubs..Escapee Club.  We started without any and joined later.  Next time we would join the Escapees before full timing and become active in it immediately.  We’ve been FMCA, Good SAM, Newmar, Winnebago club members but we are Escapees.  That would be our desires.

We would want to go to a lot of seminars at rallies right away and even before full timing or even before buying a RV if we hadn’t.  That would be our desires.

Our first adventure was to go to Alaska and we started in that direction within 5 minutes of leaving the realtors settlement office in 2000.  We would do that the same.  It’s ALL an adventure.  That would be our desires.

We went to Quartzsite in January.  That was neat and have it done every year since our first year 2001.  We went by ourselves but now meet people (Escapees) out their and even have a bigger blast each time.  That would be our desires.

Bottom line…we wouldn’t change a thing…that would be our desires.