Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Whoa..What A Day/Night… I Think…

DSCN0667This cat stayed in bed….

Got the donuts early this morning.   Fifty nine dozen!  Everybody helped unload them back at the fairgrounds. Then we handed out donuts and people donated money to CARE. DSCN0669 

Here’s one of our bosses.. Gary.  He’s the coffee man.  He brewed about 29 containers of coffee today.  The brewer is that machine in front of him.DSCN0668 

Here’s the CARE manager at his best.  I think he was moon walking or something.DSCN0671

It was a mad house at times.  I even got to hand out some donuts instead of collecting the money.  The other days I was the money man from 7 to 11 AM.  I felt like the carney man at a small town visiting circus.  You know the guy that stood outside of a tent collecting money to see the three legged donkey or something.  That would be me.

The CARE donated amount was ….. I can’t say.  It blew the old record out of the water.  Come to Ham A Rama Wednesday night and find out (if your here).   they might give me the mike.   Otherwise tomorrow’s blog.

I caught Joe Tenpenny, past Escapade Director, checking things out.  He’s in the blue shirt.DSCN0673

Carol is… I don’t know what she is doing.DSCN0674

Carol & I were invited to the Sound & Property Get Together.  Maybe it was because I had offered up my last smoked pulled pork butt for their pot luck.  Here are most but not all of the pictures.  It was entertaining to say the least.DSCN0675  DSCN0680

There was moon shine, home made beer, mead, Fireball and the triple Margareta machine.  Yes, a triple….  Making Margaritas is a tradition introduced by Jerry and his wife Joann years ago.  They couldn't make it this year.  Joann had hip replacement and is doing well.  Get back into the swing of things you two.  We all wish you well.

Here’s Cathy Carr and Johnny Goodrum.  Johnny is  the singer at a lot of events.  He’s a lot of fun and a good singer.  Plus he really loves my smoked pulled pork.DSCN0686 DSCN0687 DSCN0688

It’s a guy thing!DSCN0689

Two fisted Mark.  Butt (!) it’s two right hands.DSCN0691 


Something attacked Travis's funny bone.DSCN0694


Mark telling one of his stories.DSCN0695

I tried a taste of all the drinks.  I woke up in my bed this morning so I guess it was a fun night…..

4 AM came early this morning.

See ya thru my red eyes……