Monday, March 2, 2015

RVing Is Still #1 In Our Book

And will be for many years to come for us.  It will continue to be a way of life.  It’s still in our blood.Carol&Me

I was up at 4:30 AM to do the blog this morning and stayed up.  Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.  We got the La Mesa Tucson dealer to go to this AM so no big deal. 

I looked at the stats for this blog.  Last month it dropped down to 11K hits.  It use to be up at 15K.  Maybe me talking motorcycles instead of RVing I lost a few thousand.  Oh well.

For part time and weekend RVers,  this lifestyle is usually part of another hobby.  Full timers, it’s a way of life and usually have other hobbies also.   Carol’s is line dancing, reading, crouching and making me happy?  There went a few more brownie points.  Mine is planning RV routes, motorcycling, photography and Jeeping.  No special order.  I’ve completed planning RV routes for 2015 with some  additional B & C plans.  Those are in jello as always.  Even a rough 2016 and yes 2017.  It’s a hobby and is constantly changing of course.

Motorcycling is an old hobby that has been recently renewed.  Carol even likes it when it comes to scenic smooth straight roads on sunny days.  I guess so, duh.

We Jeep on back rough roads ever now and then.Hatch, UT 002 What’s also is fun is when we do a short cut over curbs in parking lots or in highway medians.  It’s like we’re getting away with something.

I’ve been told another hoppy of mine is harassing RV manufactures. I guess so.  That’s not a hobby to me but a destiny if that makes since.  You know I use to have problems with car/motorcycle manufactures/dealers back in the early 1980s but that industry has changed for the better.  Now it’s the RV industry time to change like they did. Blah, blah, blah…….

So, I had my usual difficult time at La Mesa RV today to get some work done.  Bottom line…. to me, RV manufactures are still screwed up, RV extended service plans are in the same category and that leaves the dealer.  La Mesa tried but just couldn’t make me happy while our rig sat for hours waiting for a “tech” to do about an hour of work.  Why have frigging appointment times when they over book.  Sounds like other businesses that you have to make an appointment for.  Wait way after YOUR appointment time before anything gets done.  So sad.  We had to pay $220 to get our step and electronic door opener to work!  They’re covered under our extended service plan but not this time.  Seems like Winnebago did some jerry rigging either at the assembly plant or repair shop on our electrical system so they wouldn’t cover it.  Winnebago said the famous, “no not us” and eventually hung up on me.  I was pissed to say the least.

We got at La Mesa at 9:30 AM.  We left at 4:30 PM for the one hour or so of work/diagnosing.  AND it started to rain as we were leaving.

Sharon & Don came and got us for dinner.  We met Gary & Mary Olsen at a quaint little Mexican Restaurant.  The Olsens are getting a very custom rig built for them.  I can’t remember for the life of me  how to spell their name.  At least I have the O right instead of the usual W.  Congrats guys and good luck.  It was nice to be with friends especially after a day at the dealer.  We (I) didn’t vent a whole bunch.  We all know the deal for sure.  It was real nice being around people that really understand.

Sharon sent me this picture from her Smart Phone that the waitress took.20150302_184007

Why does everyone have plates and they gave me a big ass bowl?  I’m getting bigger…… Where’s Ed Kruty?  I feel small and slender around him!

See ya……….