Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Slide Out Dead

Well, we were at La Mesa RV by 10:30 AM.  They took our RV immediately.  One hour later they had it diagnosed.  One hour after that the gave us the bad news.  The slide out mechanism on our large slide has gone bad.  It won’t go out or in all the way or even move.  DSC_0003 It’s the third time!!!!!!!  Replaced once in Anchorage, AK, then once at the Winnebago factory.  Damn Leppert cheap ass systems.  They will get one jack (Leppert) for the leveling system and the entire slide out systems (2) for the large slide from Winnebago.  Winnebago said no charge for the slide out system.  Extended service will pay for the jack – no charge no deductible. All parts are suppose to be in by next Wednesday or Thursday.  We will have to go back to La Mesa either next Thursday or Friday and drop the RV off.  Then after the work at the Escapade Friday we will have to do the 480 miles to Hemet.  Probably Friday night and Saturday early AM (night).   Our front electric key opener worked while there at La Mesa.  Came back and it didn’t work.  I called them and they said they would check it again.

Like I said yesterday, this is the bad part of RVing. We won’t stop full timing or RVing so we will just live with it! It’s just so hard to plan break downs….

I now have an appointment with the Harley dealer in Temecula, CA Sat March 14 at 8:30 AM.  My gut was saying don’t keep the appointment with Tucson Harley tomorrow.  I cancelled it.

Our schedule just happens to be very tight next week.  We are helping with the coffee/donuts each morning to include the last Friday.  I’m starting up an Escapee BOF MOR (Birds Of the same Feather – Motorcycles On the Rode).  Organize and go on a MOR ride probably Wednesday or?  Other than that,  just set back and enjoy the Escapade.  We’re gonna ask for more money and a paid vacation.  We get paid zero and are already on a permanent vacation… Oh well…. how about a full hook up?

Dinner – yep we had one and it was at a truck stop with friends that are already working at the fairgrounds for the Escapade.DSC_0004

Exit 268 off the I-10.  HIGHLY recommend it.

Here we are….DSC_0008 DSC_0010

DSC_0009 I will try one time in no special order…Gary & Mary, Larry & Marilyn, Mark, Jim & Lisa, Teresa, Carol & me and Sky.

Here’s the birthday girl, Lisa.  She turned 39.  Don’t hold me accountable for the accuracy of this reporting.DSC_0016

Here’s Sky and Carol.  Sky is a lot of fun to be around.  He keeps things hoping.  Can you tell?DSC_0017

And that’s the number of that………….

See ya….