Monday, March 9, 2015

Addictive to Love..

Each morning at around 6:30 AM I pickup up about 35 dozen donuts for the Escapade at the Fry’s grocery store down the road.  You know, they just barely fit in the Jeep.  DSCN0659The Jeep smells pretty sweet, almost too much.  Tomorrow I pick up 45 dozen donuts.  I could get robbed by the sugar bandits. 

You never know what you will see early in the morning.  Is this little red hiding hood? DSCN0660

When I return to the Escapade they are quickly unloaded and put on the tables for purchase.  DSCN0661 The fun then begins.  I didn’t know so many people NEED a coffee and donut in the morning.  No wonder why Dunking Donuts and Starbucks are thriving.   It must be the sugar and caffeine.   Two and half hours later 468 donuts are gone.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will have 540 donuts!DSCN0666  

We do this each day of the Escapade.  Each day Carol & I help Gary/Mary with the donuts and coffee. I collect the money, Carol & Mary hand out the donuts and Mark handles the coffee which is a big job. Plus we have some volunteers.  It gets a little crowded but doable.

People have signed up to help start the Motorcycle BOF.  I gotta get hot on that like setting up a meeting time and maybe a ride.  The 1st meeting will be held in the “donut hall” at 1 PM Tuesday.

I only want to attend one seminar here and that’s the one on the Rand McNally GPS (workshop) on Tuesday too.

I signed up for making some of my special chili for the cook off for Thursday.  Please come out and taste my chili.  I really want to win the title of Best Chili if I deserve it.

There’s a lot going on that’s for sure.

Oh, I did a small bo bo yesterday with the motorcycle yesterday.  I was parking next to a golf cart and turned a little tight.  I forget the rear wheels stick out and tagged the golf cart with my rear finder.  I broke a reflector on the side of the fender, just the reflector.  Not a scratch on the fender.  I was damn lucky for sure.  I took off the remaining broken reflector and sticky stuff behind it.  You can never till I did it.   Oh so lucky…

Then I gave Carol a quick lesson on how to drive the motorcycle.  I think my lesson was a little too quick.  She got the backing part down pretty good.  It’s the forward that was a little iffiy.  She almost took out a stationary fairgrounds trailer with the fast acceleration and not being able to control it in a turn.  She stalled it about 50 yards away and everybody (and thing)  survived.  Maybe the next lesson should be in the middle of three football fields.

We had dinner with Mary & Gary at the local Panda Express.  That was good.  Didn’t she anybody from the Escapade.  That was a surprise. 

Bob Pinner said we might have gotten close to 2,000 attendees including walk ins yesterday.  That’s a lot!

We went and saw the night entertainment here.  Some mind game guy.  He was a slight of hand artist that really knew how to drag out some old tricks basically.  He didn’t impress Carol or I at all.  It was boring after the first few tricks for us but we toughed it out for some jokes that got us to smile at least.

Tuesday is going to be a busy busy day….

See ya…..