Saturday, March 28, 2015

Day 6 – 8 Of The Motorcycle Trip

Of course the date don’t match the number of days.  Don’t pay attention to the date. 

Days Six.  We had breakfast at the local and only real casino in Tonopah.  We weren’t sure which way to go & we ended up going West on route 6 only because it looked the less traveled road.  We then turned right on route 375 at Warm Springs which was not a tourist stop for sure.  Ride 25   DSCN0767 

Later on we stopped at this little place to get something to eat.  It was out in the middle of nowhere.DSCN0770

After waiting for over 5 minutes we decided that this little place was too busy with some other bikers that were already there.  I talked with them briefly about which way to go for fuel.  I was getting low.DSCN0769

We went on down the road and turned right onto route 93.  We came upon a busy gas station that had a little restaurant and ate there.  It turned out to be pretty good.

Day Seven.  We ended up at a campground called Eagle’s Nest or something like that.  The price was right at $8 both both of us and they had hot showers.  DSCN0771 What more could a biker want.  Mark settled in while I went food hunting on the bike.  I came back with 8 pieces of chicken and a bottle of rum (750 size).  We killed both.  We slept well.

Now it was time to head for Death Valley.  Why not.  We arrived in the park and stopped at the first big tourist area.  We walked to the top of the area.  What a view. DSCN0776 DSCN0778  

We turned around where are bikes where.  People had started to gather around them and take pictures of themselves with the bikes.  This happened many times.  It was funny.DSCN0774

Ride 27 Ride 28 Ride 29

Hey, what can I say…. We then headed for Furnace Creek which is the main tourist area.DSCN0780

We then decided to go on to Scotty’s Castle.  If you haven’t been there, it’s a place to visit.  The history of it was the real story.DSCN0781 DSCN0785

We then decided to stay at the National Park campground at Stovepipe Wells.  No hook ups but had restrooms.  We met several nice fellow campers and had a very windy night but peaceful.

Day Eight.  We headed West on route 190 (California)over the mountains.  It was cold but we dressed accordingly.  Then we went south on Trona Wildhorse Rd.  It was like a high desert and still cold.  Only saw a few cars the whole way.  We picked up route 178 to Ridgecrest and had a late/early lunch.  Then on to route 395 south.  We stopped at Kramer’s junction which is routes 395 and 58.  this was our starting point where we met and now are departing point.

All of the trip was a blast and we will do it again in late July but on the East Coast.  We already have plans set for the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It would be hard to top this trip of having no real plans or definite destinations until the day before at most.

Now I will return you to your normal broadcasting stations…. Ending of Outer Limits that you old people might remember.

See ya…..